Job Description

JOB DESCRIPTION – Translator Required

Job Summary

To provide a professional Translating service in a range of public and private sector settings on behalf of Language Empire.

Language Empire was established in 2001 to provide professional interpreting and translation services to public and private sectors across the UK. We are an employment Business and our client base includes Hospitals, Courts, Solicitors, Councils, Probation, Police and many more. We provide a wide range of services in all languages and dialects.

Language Empire are acting as an employment business on behalf of our clients. We are currently recruiting permanent Translators.

Role of a Translator

Translators are needed in a variety of industries to work across a range of documents including scientific, legal and literary with the translator ensuring the original meaning is conveyed as accurately as possible. An excellent command of two or more languages is generally required.

Responsibilities & Duties

The applicant will be expected to work well as part of a team and be comfortable working to constructive advice and direction from managers.

Key skills include:

  • A successful applicant must have the ability to communicate fluently in English and another language and possess excellent communication, verbal, written, interpersonal skills and must be self-motivated.
  • Dedication, reliability and confidentiality
  • Time management
  • The role requires an ability to cope with pressured situations and deadlines.
  • An in-depth knowledge of the culture/s relating to the languages you will be translating
  • Subject matter expertise plus knowledge of relevant communities
  • Knowledge of current affairs, politics, cultures and customs relating to the non-English language you will be using
  • Computer proficiency (proficiency with translations software would be useful) and using computer aided translation (CAT) tools

 Knowledge & Skills

  • Have translated at least 20,000 words in a professional context
  • Have at least four references for previous completed projects relating to their translation specialism i.e. medical, legal etc.
  • You are required to be fluent in English and culturally competent and fluent in your native language(s)


  • Translating qualifications; e.g. diploma or certificate in public services interpreting or equivalent experience