Job Description


Job Summary

To provide a professional interpreting service in a range of public and private sector settings on behalf of Language Empire.

Language Empire was established in 2001 to provide professional interpreting and translation services to public and private sectors across the UK. We are an employment Business and our client base includes Hospitals, Courts, Solicitors, Councils, Probation, Police and many more. We provide a wide range of services in all languages and dialects.

Language Empire are acting as an employment business on behalf of our clients. We are currently recruiting permanent Face-to-Face Interpreters.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Professional Face-to-Face Interpreting Support to service users who have limited or no ability to communicate in English because their first language is not English. These services are to be provided in a range of public sector & private sector settings including Hospitals and Local Authorities.
  • Prepare for assignment specific terminologies, e.g. Medical Terms for Hospital Assignments
  • Intervene for clarification if you do not understand the terminology or message
  • Indicate clearly if you are speaking on your own behalf (instead of interpreting the words of either no English speaker or the authorities) when intervening for any purpose.
  • At the end of any session, inquire about any questions or concerns either party may have and ensure that the encounter has ended.
  • You will be required to receive assignments electronically and be responsible for downloading and printing Job Sheets
  • You will also be required to manage an electronic diary and uploading completed Job Sheets to our portal in a timely fashion.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Previous experience as an interpreter is preferred
  • Good knowledge of cultural and religious differences
  • Good Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Ability to cope with stress/ be calm under pressure
  • Always welcoming, positive, polite, prompt and responsive
  • Ability to prioritise/ manage time


  • Interpreting qualifications; e.g. diploma or certificate in public services interpreting or equivalent experience